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Corporate Partners

The Corporate Work-Study Program (CWSP) has proven to be a win-win opportunity for both its students and its employers!

When Cristo Rey Jesuit opened its doors in 2008 with a freshman class of 82 students, there were 10 hiring organizations. Today with an enrollment of nearly 450 students, there are over 130+ hiring organizations.


10+ Year Partners

Partners by Industry

Below is a listing of recent CWSP employers who provide student workers with tremendous job experience in return for a very economical alternative staffing solution for entry-level office positions.

*10 Year + Partners

I like watching students grow up and transform into confident adults, especially the students who come in here as quiet as church mice, but bloom into poised, articulate young people. Most arrive timid as ninth graders, but by the time they graduate, they don’t hesitate to look people in the eye and ask questions.  It’s so incredibly rewarding to be part of their growth.

Carolyn Noack, Program Supervisor at Aquinas Companies

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For more information about our Corporate Work-Study Program, please email:
Jill Ribbeck
Felix Garcia
Senior Manager

 “My work experience at Wells Fargo helped me understand real-life work scenarios, and how important time management is. I also learned how essential it is to network and establish new relationships because whomever you meet, you might cross paths in the future. I learned to get out of my comfort zone while also learning about my career path and where I want to go in the future.”

Diana Sierra, Cristo Rey Jesuit Class of 2016, University of Houston Class of 2020, Wells Fargo Intern