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Coping In College

Starting college is a time of significant transition in life. Adjusting to college is difficult, as you learn to be independent and “adult” for the first time.

Remember, if you need guidance or are struggling, you are not alone, and there are many resources out there to help you, some of which are included below. The Alumni Program Manager at Cristo Rey Jesuit is also here for you, so do not hesitate to reach out to them, using their contact information provided below.

General Tips

Most colleges and universities offer assistance and services through these offices and programs. Ask around on your campus or search on your school’s website for where you could find these offices or get in touch with someone.

  • First Generation Program Office

  • Multicultural Students Office

  • Counseling Services

  • Residential Services or RAs, if you are living on campus

  • Commuter Services, if you are commuting to campus

  • Religious Groups and Organizations


Alumni Emergency Funds

Through a generous donation from the Kinder Foundation, we are excited to offer emergency funding to Cristo Rey Jesuit alumni in need of small amounts of money to help them stay in college or enroll themselves in college. If you are in need of some of this funding, you can find more information and the application through this link

From the CRJ Counselors

The Counseling Team at CRJ supports our students throughout their journey and as alumni. If you are out of state and enrolled in school, it is highly recommended to reach out directly to your student counseling center. The counseling center on your campus will provide you with support services, including social and emotional counseling free of charge or at a low cost. Additionally, they can provide you with resources in the community you are living in. 

We have listed below resources for the Greater Houston area. You may also reach out to the CRJ alumni coordinator for additional information or resources if needed. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions specific to your unique circumstances, please reach out to us!

Emma Chee, M.Ed.
Alumni Program Manager 281-501-1298