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Cristo Rey Network Alumni Association

Click here to join the Cristo Rey Network National Alumni Association. Membership is free and will connect you with Cristo Rey alumni from across the country, give you access to career development and job placement opportunities, and so much more!


Click here to join CareerSpring, Mr. Posoli’s non-profit organization focused on equipping first-generation college students and graduates with exclusive job resources and job opportunities. Signing up is free and will let you search jobs, learn about career paths, and receive one-on-one assistance and advising from a diverse pool of working professionals.

Job Search Engines


Job Search Tips

  1. If you find a job on a job search engine, try to apply for the job directly through the company or organization’s website, if possible.

  2. Make sure that the entire application is complete and that you have answered all questions.

  3. Have some professional references ready to go when you are applying for jobs, but always ask permission from someone before you put them as a reference. Follow up with them afterwards, letting them know where you applied and making sure they have enough information to give you a good reference.

  4. Record a professional outgoing message for your voicemail, and check your voicemail frequently, in case the company calls you instead of emailing.

  5. Before your interview, take some time to read over the company’s website and learn as much as you can about the company. This can help you stand out in your interview.

  6. After your interview, send a personal email to everyone that was involved with the interview, thanking them for their time and offering to provide more information as needed.

  7. Be on the lookout for workshops with the Alumni Program Manager, covering topics such as resume writing and interview skills.


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If you have any questions specific to your unique circumstances, please reach out to us!

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