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Sponsor a Student Scholarship

As Cristo Rey Jesuit students return to the classroom, we are painfully aware of the pandemic’s seismic impact on their education. Virtual learning placed our students at a greater disadvantage than their peers, leading to learning loss that may widen the education gap with our students falling further behind if we do not take action now.

Cristo Rey Jesuit students will remain PERSISTENT in pursuit of their dreams!

The pandemic has placed a financial strain on Cristo Rey Jesuit, particularly our Corporate Work-Study Program. As companies slowly return to the office, we will gradually rebuild this cornerstone Program of our educational model, as support for student scholarships is critical to help bridge this gap in our revenue.

Cristo Rey Jesuit will be persistent in overcoming the impact of Covid-19 on our education!

Sponsor a Student Scholarship Now

Cristo Rey Jesuit is a wise investment in Houston’s future!

Mrs. Bee Dickson
Executive Director, Community Engagement