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Men & Women for Others

The overarching mission of Cristo Rey Jesuit is to form men and women for others, those who will live not for themselves but for God and His Christ.

Open to Growth

The Cristo Rey Jesuit graduate is confident, inquisitive, reflective and motivated; the graduate strives for success, yet is aware that failure is an important part of learning and maturity.

Intellectually Competent

The Cristo Rey Jesuit graduate is a lifelong learner who savors the rich opportunities that the world provides and who truly owns his or her education by helping others to learn.

Committed to Justice

The Cristo Rey Jesuit graduate is keenly aware of injustice and prejudice, and gives of himself or herself in service to others because he or she believes in the dignity and equality of all people. The graduate understands that some of life’s most worthwhile endeavors are neither easy nor comfortable.


The Cristo Rey Jesuit graduate has a sincere and deep sense of God’s presence and love in his or her life, maintains a deep understanding of the Church’s teaching, and relies on these for strong moral and ethical judgments.


As a future leader in the workplace, the Cristo Rey Jesuit graduate recognizes the dignity of work, its integral connection to justice, and the choices he or she has to create a better society.

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The Cristo Rey Jesuit graduate believes that he or she is truly loved by God and that love for God, or for another person, requires us to give without asking anything in return. 

Unique School. Proven Results.

Welcome to Cristo Rey Jesuit! We offer an affordable, private, Catholic, high school education and a clear path to college for our students. We achieve this through a rigorous academic curriculum and an innovative Corporate Work-Study Program that places students in Houston businesses and nonprofits where they earn up to 50 percent of the cost of their education.

Since our first graduation in 2013, we have graduated 1,070 alumni who have earned more than $70 million in scholarships with a 100% college acceptance rate.


A powerful and innovative education.

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Become a part of the Lion Pride!

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Corporate Work-Study

Transformational on-site job experience for four years.

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Imagine Being a Cristo Rey Jesuit Lion!

Cristo Rey Jesuit delivers a powerful and innovative approach to education that equips students with the knowledge, character, and skills to achieve their dreams. Through a rigorous academic program that combines in-classroom learning with a four-year internship, Cristo Rey Jesuit prepares students to be college-ready and career-prepared.